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 Gongyi city day Thai abrasive co., LTD is a production and processing all kinds of granular and powdered material as the main manufacturers,Company production of silicon carbide、Brown fused alumina、Black corundum、White corundum、Garnet、Steel shot、Rust removing sand、Quartz sand, etc,Have complete、Scientific quality management system。The integrity of gongyi city day Thai abrasive co., LTD、Strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance。
The core enterprise culture:
Learning culture ——Learning ability is the ability to survive。This is a competitive society,Don't work team will be eliminated by the society,Don't work team of individuals will be eliminated。
Innovation culture ——Innovation ability is equal to wealth。Break the traditional,Break the habit,Break the authority,Break the self。The shortest route,The fastest speed,The minimum investment,Best interests。
Humanistic culture ——People is the fundamental and cornerstone for anything。In my company,There are two kinds of people is the most respected,A is the person who puts forward innovation constantly,One is not……

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