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Intelligent circuit breaker


They are all in the search:The Internet of things openIntelligent air switchHousehold contactorIntelligent circuit breakerIntelligenceHousehold

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Four big reasons,Let all become your trusted contactor manufacturersFour reasons for making Wan Lian your most reliable contactor manufacturer
Three big advantage
Compared with the traditional contactor three big advantageThree advantages compared with the traditional contactor

Smaller70%,Easy installation

Energy consumption decreased75%,Energy conservation and environmental protection

Silent,Below15dB,No worries

The electromagnetic system
Real to see seeSee the real material

High silicon steel sheet,Seiko level grinding process

Germany importsHigh precisionEnameled wire,The realP180LevelHigh heat resistance
Winding adopts fully automatic production line

Contact system
Safety precision visibleSecurity and precision

Air blow-outThe structure design

Precision embossing contact surface,The implementationMore reliableThe contact
(Contact surface)

High flame retardant material
Safe and reliableSafe and reliable

V0LevelFlame retardant plastic material,Safe and reliable

All united,Professional contactor、Intelligent circuit breaker manufacturersWan Lian ,Professional manufacturer of contactor
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Into the union/ The base into the wanlian

Yueqing million united electrical appliance co., LTD

        Yueqing million united electrical appliance co., LTD., attentively complete contactor,Create professional contactor manufacturing enterprises。Adhering to the business philosophy,Al electric focus on contactor industry20Years,To focus onCJX2(WC1)Design and manufacture of full series of products。We can provide cover6A-1250ARange100More communication、Dc contactor。The latest versionWCTSeries modular contactor to absorb advanced technology at home and abroad,Through the improvement of adaptability,After100Remainder term test,Product performance can be comparable with abroad… 【To check the details】

Take the quality as the spirit of enterprise、With the talent is the foundation of the footholdTaking quality as the soul of enterprise and taking talents as the foothold