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Yiyang mutual force hoisting equipment co., LTD. Is a collection of machinery and equipment leasing and sales of integrated enterprise,The company predecessor yiyang a heavy installation team,Was established2002Years。In all staff unremitting efforts and under the from all walks of life friend's care and support,From the beginning of one8To now have tons of automobile crane development300Under tons of hoisting machinery equipment20More than one,3-10Tons of forklift,8-16Tons of lorry crane,50-150Tons of folding boom crane,6-16M to shear fork aerial work platform、14-56M ZhiBeiShi aerial work platform,16-26M crank arm type aerial work platform,Flat car and other mechanical equipment200More than one... ...

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  • The high quality mechanical equipment
  • Professional lifting personnel
  • Scientific and standardized professional services

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  • Hoisting machine equipment
  • Bridge hoisting
  • Steel structure installation
  • Equipment handling and other services

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The voice of the customer

Customers of hubei province Mr Liu 139********,

Good equipment!High efficiency!The operator is very professional!Trustworthy!

Anhui customers Mr Zhao 131********,

Timely communication with our technology,To complete the task in time,Very pleased for this cooperation。

Jiangxi customers Mr. Sun 138********,

We thank you very much for mutual force lifting equipment,Because of the excellent team and equipment to make our project is going so well。Hope I will have more cooperation!

Fuzhou is a customer Mr. Dong 157********,

Serious and responsible,Timely completion project,Our company leadership recognition very much。

1、Actively to the handling company requirement for van handling。
2、Major appliances had better use plastic film wrap packaging,Reoccupy ponchos cover,Can very good moistureproof。
3、With plastic film packaging good small accessories,And then to packing。
4、Rainy days is slippery,Cars drive carefully lest cause unnecessary trouble。
Above these is the small make up today and share common sense about handling,Hope can help to you,If everyone in the later in the process of handling what don't understand,Please continue to focus on mutual force lifting equipment。

(1)In the use of air handling equipment must be checked before working system related technical parameters for gas supply requirements,To site in the pressure and flow in the gas supply system to verify whether enough。

(2)Ground surface should be to maintain the smooth and dry,In order to reduce the air friction with the ground level and gas consumption。If the above parameters of gas consumption limit,Will need to consider the sealing of the ground,And to improve。

(3)Amino potassium acid resin or epoxy resin coated with the surface of the ground can reduce gas consumption,Up to50%。

(4)The floor surface cracks and joints are compressed air will lead to a balloon memory leaks。So,Should try to crack sealed,To ensure that the work effect is ideal。

(5)In order to prevent gas leakage,Can be used in a heavy film、Film or thin sheet metal,Such as fill in the fracture and cavity,ACTS as a temporary packing materials。

(6)Also should pay attention to the connector and hose connection is strong enough enough to seal。

(7)The console meter is accurate?Put the position is convenient to adjust。

(8)If you are using plug-in airbags,Should also consider the location of the air bag is correct。

Yiyang mutual force hoisting equipment co., LTD., formerly known as yiyang a heavy installation team,Which was built in2002Years,Under the from all walks of life friend's care and support,From the beginning of one8To now have tons of crane development200Under tons of hoisting machinery equipment10More than one,Big camion、Forklift truck、Flat car and other mechanical equipment8Taiwan,Is currently the yiyang lifting one of the larger companies in the industry。
Is one specialized is engaged in machinery and equipment lifting each force、Bridge hoisting、Steel structure installation、Equipment handling、Services company,Mechanical equipment with high quality,Professional lifting personnel20Many people,Construction footprint in jiangxi、Fujian、Zhejiang、AnWei provinces,Adhering to the“People-oriented,Safe and efficient”Our tenet,Adhere to abide by the contract,In order to“The good faith first,The customer is supreme”The management idea,To provide customers with a more scientific、More specification of professional services。

Condole belt is characteristic,Soft, don't hurt,Protect the worker's hands,Using light,Capacity is big,Long service life,Clearly mark the limits of the work force and the color code,Improve the safety performance。So the flexible condole belt is used in the process of lifting the probability is very high。
Let's see what is the flexible condole belt。Circular belt carrying core surrounded by infinite parallel arrangement of tow,Using single strand wire twisting。Cases by special type double wear casing docking ring formation,The warning、Protection、Carrying core safety to use。According to the impassability hoisting environmental requirements,Can be professionally produced:Regular、Fire prevention type、Fluorescent type、Light type、Protection type、High strength type、Combination products。
Matters needing attention in using,We here about it。
1、Coefficient must use the right way,Cannot be overloaded;
2、Before each use sure sling is not damaged;
3、Round sling is susceptible to mechanical、 Chemistry、 High temperature damage、If the protective layer badly damaged condition,The sling shall not be used;
4、Used to protect objects separated sling and load the edges;
5、Round sling shall not knot;
6、When lifting, Line and load shall not drag;
7、Avoid impact or vibration load;
8、Sling with dangerous don't need to repair,Please follow the supplier。

Large hoisting belong to high risk industry in the highest risk grade a special operations。Before the construction must be made perfect、Professional large lifting scheme,List only the large hoisting process must pay attention to safety matters。And lifting all construction personnel training,Technical disclosure,Ensure the safety of large hoisting completed smoothly。

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