2003Years4MonthTonglu yu jie freight co., LTDThe national ministry of commerce and industry,County transportation management approval、Registered professional logistics company。Mainly engaged in hangzhou、Yiwu、Xiaoshan、KeQiao、Shaoxing、Shanghai、Ningbo direct line、Bus information;The other arm、The vehicle、Big transportation and urban distribution business transfer across the country。In the company2005By the county road transport......
The company with a numberAAAAACombination of level transport logistics enterprises,In order to30Kg to2T、5T、10T、30T、All of the logistics solution,The company at the speed of delivery,The price for the customer service of logistics。

Contact phone number:69905111 Pass The true:  Mail Box: Contacts:Hua-hua Chen The ground The address:Jianggan district of hangzhou qiu tao north road202NumberA9
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