Fishing is recommended Electronic fishing machine is introduced Machine back fishing Marine fishing
  • Dc inverter fishing machineK6Type
    The price:450Yuan
  • The weight:0.8Kg,To fish:4M,Fit the battery:12V36Ann,Apply to the environment:Fish ponds,The little stream,Library side


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Guangzhou xinfeng mechanical and electrical company is a professional engaged in fishing machine,Ultrasonic fishing machine,Ultrasonic pulse fishing machine production and sales of the company,The company has the abundant technical force and rich experience in service,,Dedicated to provide customers with quality products、The perfect service!
To produce the product to have a fishing machine、Ultrasonic fishing machine、The ultrasonic pulse fishing machine…

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The company fishing The products adopt the most advanced IGBT As the main power switch device,Main circuit adopts the most advanced control full bridge phase shifting soft switch technology,Japan imports field effect integration module such as the United States,Make the product energy saving efficiency、Safe and reliable、Luck Line is stable、Durable and many other advantages。

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