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Go to the school need to bring anything?What to do with food and accommodation?The school provide free accommodation,Provide free bedding,Have a full-time teacher dormitory management,Only pay six yuan a day of the electricity and water。 Have a meal on their own,Schools here are the snack street,All kinds of food,And more affordable! When to come to school to report for duty:Must take id card copy4Copies,1Inches of photographs6Zhang。To bring their products such as daily life:Clothing, etc。

Zhengzhou photography school

      Zhengzhou jubilee school new fashion photography is a large professional training institutions for photography,The school was founded in2000Years,Over the years focused on wedding photography studio photography and training,And in these two major made great progress and outstanding achievements,Many times by my colleagues led units and society have been high praise,Is known as the cradle of henan photographer,And has won the honorary title of henan photography of top ten schools。

       Zhengzhou new fashion photography school jubilee extremely pay attention to the cultivation of students' quality and ability,The school has a large practice base and instrument equipment,A large number of internship opportunities to help to improve the level of students themselves,The interpretation of unified arrangement theory course in the morning,Unified training class in the afternoon。That on the one hand, students gain a lot of internships,Close to the actual market,On the other hand,Real practice,Simulation of the wedding photography real scene and the details of the studio photography,Couldn't students in the campus can clear response to the wedding photography studio photography and more difficult problems encountered in engineering,More quickly and quickly into the work of the future。Every student after graduation,School is for students to find a good job,The school is one hundred percent recommend employment,Contract unit2000Several,Jubilee photography class disciple of many students all over the country,Beijing、Shanghai、Guangzho、Wuhan and other places have our students working there or open a shop,Apply in jubilee learn professional knowledge to work,Carried forward。


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