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Ningbo branch welding tools factory

I plant for the third China welding association、Four terms governing units,1971In formal productionCO2Welding torch and other accessories,After identification of the ministry of railways,Specialized in the national ministry of railways locomotive overlook,1985Changchun first automobile manufacturers also designated place an order in our factory,All has been well received。In recent years and form a complete set of production of various models at home and abroadCO2Welding torch and fittings,1991Year by the national electric welding machine quality supervision and inspection center testing,Through the type testing assessment are satisfied"ZBJ640-89"Professional standards,My factory production200Type--500Type of welding torch were rated as the ninth China welding exposition recommend products,In the 10th China welding exposition won“200The only silver medal type welding torch”And“To promote industry technical progress”,1997Years by China welding association organization“DomesticCO2Welding torch production evaluation”The torch is the most key performance air-tightness,In the test our torch does not leak,The winner of the best,......

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The cutting of silkHLHow to adjust parameters

The cutting of silkHLHow to adjust parameters​HLMake up the control card technology parameters and function、Function of processing various precision CNC wire cutting machine is the shape of complex metal mould of special machine tools,Machinable various hardness...

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