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The national hotline:0571-64725862

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Jiande ya bang chemical co., LTD. Is located in hangzhou city, zhejiang province jiande-Xin an river street YiXi road,Is a cooperation with foreign enterprises,Professional products、Service and technical personnel,Provide professional service for you。Ya bang chemical co., LTD., determined by the good faith for this,Choose us is to choose good faith。The main products are:1-Hexene 1.1-Dichloro acetone Octene aldehyde Methyl acrylonitrile Methyl acrolein Mercury antimony oxide The methyl styrene Chloroprene 2-Crotonaldehyde Isooctyl aldehyde 1.2-Glycol Nonyl alcohol Double loop pentadiene Is decyl ene Acrylonitrile Chlordane 1.1.1-Trichloroethane Aldicarb 1.3-Dichloride-2-Butene。

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  It is understood,If sinochem and China chemical industry group, the successful merger,This is the CLP vote and national nuclear technology(National electricity)、Shenhua group and guodian group(The national energy investment group)、In the nucleus and the building(In the nuclear group)After the fourth central energy industry...

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